Spare Me Mitt Romney’s Thoughts on Iraq

Oooh, deep thoughts: 

Romney said the terror enveloping Iraq is "a result of inaction" by President Barack Obama. He said the White House should have acted decisively against the insurgents "when Assad was on his heels" in Syria.

And while the Iraqi leadership deserves "much of the blame," a relatively small presence of American troops in Iraq would have been a wise choice to keep the fighting at bay, the former Massachusetts governor said.

"This administration has repeatedly underestimated the threat," Romney said, widening his criticism to Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State, calling her tenure a "monumental bust."

Secretary of State John Bolton would have sewed that shit UP.  

Forget that it wasn't Obama that decided to stick our natlonal dick in this bees' nest in the first place. Forget that it wasn't Obama who said that we should disband the Iraqi army and let everybody keep their guns. 

I have yet to see anyone ask any of these Monday morning quarterbacking goddamn nutmeats if they don't think this would have happened anyway, no matter who was in charge, no matter what we did, because: 

Days after Iraq's second-largest city fell to al-Qaida-inspired fighters, some Iraqis are already returning to Mosul, lured back by insurgents offering cheap gas and food, restoring power and water and removing traffic barricades

If your government can't keep the lights on, if your government can't get the water running, if your government can't keep you from getting shot on your way to the store for a pack of smokes, if your government can't perform basic functions, you very quickly lose patience with that government.  

You go looking for a new one. And sometimes you end up with something better, and sometimes you end up with just another pack of jackals, and sometimes you wish you had your old government back, and sometimes you realize the old boss is the same as the new boss. But you're always just looking for the basics. A safe, relatively happy life. 

This isn't mysterious. This isn't some major unanticipated problem. And if Obama underestimated anything, it was the stupidity of his political opponents, who would go on TV and act like human nature wasn't human nature, and was instead all his fault. 


3 thoughts on “Spare Me Mitt Romney’s Thoughts on Iraq

  1. while we can’t put ALL THE BLAME on shit for brains georgee + the neocons, they are to blame for accelerating the end of the british shit for brains mapping problems.
    the people who got us here have to STFU.

  2. Mittunswillard Romney is used to WINNING (well, except in the BIG game). Then again, his usual opponents are the powerless. I would love to see Mitty go to Iraq and straighten it out, he’d be good for a HUGE fucking ransom.

  3. I’ve already destroyed far too many teevees watching these knuckleheads, nincompoops and dunderheads hold forth on how Iraq would have worked out, if only we’d all listened to them, the assholes responsible for this enormous cock-up in the first place.
    So, as a favor to the rest of us, can anyone who watched these war criminals on the talking chucklehead show tell us if any of them said how they’d pay for their next excellent war adventure?

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