Young Men, Punished

George Will, everybody: 

"What's going to result is a lot of young men and young women in this sea of hormones and alcohol, that gets into so much trouble on campuses, you're going to have charges of sexual assault," he said. "And you're going to have young men disciplined, their lives often permanently and seriously blighted by this — don't get into medical school, don't get to law school, all the rest."

Yes, you're going to have young men punished, IF THEY RAPE SOMEBODY. There's a very easy way to avoid punishment, even in this "sea of hormones and alcohol." DON'T RAPE ANYBODY. Don't have sex with someone too drunk to consent. Don't have sex with someone who doesn't really seem to want to have sex with you. Don't have sex with someone who doesn't really, really, really want to have sex with you. This isn't difficult. 


6 thoughts on “Young Men, Punished

  1. unless you’re George Will, or some other Gee O Pee nutjob, this isn’t difficult at all:

  2. No, the point is that people’s lives could be ruined without them actually raping anyone at all. I know that you don’t care about that, because men aren’t really people to you, and you think that a woman could never lie or even simply be wrong. But put real legal protections in place, and few people would have a problem with these tribunals. Set them up like they are now, and it’s a crap shoot.
    These aren’t policies the colleges adopted on their own. These are policies that were adopted under pressure from the US government. Maybe the government shouldn’t be trying to punish people without adequate due process in the first place?

  3. Oh christ, the WOMEN FALSELY ACCUSE MEN THEY DON’T LIKE OF RAPE FOR FUNSIES trope. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve never actually known a lady who publicly accused a man of rape, falsely or accurately. There’s a reason most rapes actually go UNreported and actual criminally guilty men end up in medical or law school or getting their MBAs and becoming CEOs or whatever, and a lot of it is dickwads like you.

  4. George does strike me as a kind of “Lie back and think of England” type of guy.

  5. As a younger and more naive person I experienced situations on a number of times where I could have been raped. I was not because the men I was with respected my lack of ability to consent or my valid decision to not proceed further.
    I count myself as fortunate in knowing these men.

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