Chicken of the Cavern

Some movies are impossible to review. How does one analyze Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues? The sequel to one of the funniest films of the aughties throws a lot of shit at the wall and most of it sticks. In short, it made me laugh enough to merit 3 stars or a grade of B. Even though it’s set in the past, I’m skipping the Reel Films scoring system. Ain’t nothing realistic about Ron Burgundy and the gang.

Exiting the movie, Dr. A and I discussed how Siskel and Ebert approached movies like The Naked Gun series, Airplane or most things by Mel Brooks. Gene would earnestly attempt to make sense out of the senseless and then Roger would do his test: did it make me laugh and were there any BIG LAUGHS?Anchorman 2 passed the Ebert test but if you didn’t find it funny, I get it.

Btw, the post title refers to the racist, drunken, possibly gay sports guy (no, not Bill Simmons) running a fried chicken place that actually served fried bat. You know, chicken of the cavern. I bet you can cook it in your science oven too…

3 thoughts on “Chicken of the Cavern

  1. Yes, I want to cook chicken of the cavern in my science oven, too. Anchorman 2 was one of the highlights of my movie season. It may be because I let my 7th grader take a mental health day to watch it with me and her older brother, and we let loose yelling at the screen and making snarky comments throughout. We got some big laughs from the crowd in the theater.
    The movie had some lulls for me (The entire lighthouse sequence? My son says I am so wrong to hate it.) but overall it was full of stomach cramping laughs. That battle scene at the end was perfection. I can’t resist a Kanye cameo.

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