It’s Pretty Easy To Monetize Journalism, Actually

For Jim Vanderhei:

“People don’t appreciate how difficult it is to do interesting journalism that is monetizable and sustainable over time,” says Politico/Capital New York CEO Jim VandeHei.

Seems to be a matter of whoring yourself out to any passing truck driver who throws on a Goodwill sport coat for the night, coupled with showing absolutely no remorse for being a solipsistic prick who can’t make the connection between policy failures and LOTS OF DEAD PEOPLE.

Doesn’t look that hard to me. Check into the hotel and leave your God-given conscience behind the counter. Bring plenty of quarters to keep the bed jumping.


3 thoughts on “It’s Pretty Easy To Monetize Journalism, Actually

  1. A. Don’t want to sound creepy and I don’t post much, but you are my favorite journalistic blogger. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I must object, for I am certain that many truck drivers in the world, some wearing Goodwill sport coats, wouldn’t touch Politico even if it were the last chance in the parking lot on a long, cold night.
    Quality journalism, the kind that helps people make sense of their world and the extent of their agency within it, has never been profitable and probably never will be. What’s been done to date has always been subsidized in some form or fashion, and whatever of it is produced henceforth probably always will be.

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