Friday Ferretblogging: Thieving Edition

No, not the ferrets themselves. Someone is stealing ferrets:

Some ferret enthusiasts say thieves sell animals for clandestine drug research, Mr. Jenkins says. Others speculate they go to the illicit pet trade. Many suspect the involvement of organized-crime rings.

“These people are linked to badger baiting, dog fighting and worse,” says Mr. Jenkins’s business partner, James Bradley, referring to a banned practice of using dogs to maim badgers for sport.

Mr. Bradley says he had about 27 ferrets filched last February in an unsolved crime that added his name to the long list of victims. “I know of a lot of disillusioned people who have had their ferrets stolen,” he says.

The stuffies in the pictures are so huge and fwuffy, I’d want to snatch them. Still: NOT OKAY.


2 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Thieving Edition

  1. “27 ferrets filched last February”
    Whoever wrote that line had better be damn pleased with themselves.

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