Album Cover Art Wednesday: Learn To Count

James Mason's primary asset as an actor was his smooth, silky voice. It served him well when playing either a villain or the good guy. That's why I was so amused to learn of this LP whilst reading By Ken Levine.

  Learn To Count

My favorite details on the cover are the Bozo seal of approval and Mason's coffin nail.

Here's Mason's appearance as the mystery guest on What's My Line? Alvin was nowhere to be seen:


4 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Learn To Count

  1. The longer you look at that album cover, the more interesting it becomes. Yes, the Bozo seal and the cigarette are jarring, but what about the mop-top Beatles-esque ‘dos on Alvin, Theodore and Simon? (Not to mention the Creep Factor on the fact that I know their names?)
    Or the fact that this album is “Fun For All Ages Between 3 and 5”? That’s a pretty narrow range of “all” ages. Taken literally, this album is meant for 4 year olds. Also, the copy writer must have gotten a premium for using the word “record.”* “A Capitol Records Teaching Children With Records Series Record.” Whoof! Truly a classic.
    *Or maybe he was trying to . . . set a record. Bwahahahaha!

  2. Epic.
    My favorite is, after the list of songs that NO ONE has heard of, like “Even Numbers” and “By Fives”, it says “MANY MORE FAVORITES”. HAHAHAHA, what do you mean, MORE?

  3. I also imagine Alvin interrupting James Mason mid-song for the umpteenth time with some weisenheimer remark, and Mason summons Martin Landau from behind the drum kit to knife the little jerk.

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