Weekend Question Thread

Out this weekend working, but I wanted to ask in light of that meme going around The Internet's Gaping Butthole asking which of several dead musicians you would resurrect: If you could bring one historical personage back to life, who would it be? 

I would like to have some words with several of the Founding Fathers regarding the conduct of their fan club of late, so probably one of those fellows. 


7 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Maybe it’s an indication of my cynicism, but, while I have a long list of targets of opportunity, I can’t see any point in going through the trouble of resurrecting someone if they’re not going to tell me the truth.
    History is a long chain of incomplete stories because people have always been bloody fucking liars, fabricators and frauds. For a lot of figures in history, even being returned from the dead wouldn’t change their lack of veracity one bit. Might as well leave `em in the ground (e.g., Richard Nixon).

  2. Hard to pick just one … but let’s go with Ben Franklin, just so I could bring him to some teahadist gathering and have him tell his impersonators they know nothing about him…sort of like how Marshall McLuhan did here
    I also read somewhere recently that Franklin said something about wishing he could check in on the future, so it’d presumably be easy to get him…

  3. RFK
    A better candidate than Secretary Clinton,
    and a member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

  4. Jack Kennedy so we could make it to Mars by the end of the ‘teens.
    For serious, that man put challenges in front of the USA — and it won them.

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