You do not desire forgiveness: 


"We have withheld forgiveness because you do not desire it." 

As if that's what forgiveness is about. You forgive because forgiveness allows you to let go of hate and fear, to stop pulling them around you and using them to keep you separate from other people. Forgiveness isn't about making the other person beg for it. Forgiveness isn't about the other person deserving it. Forgiveness is a reaching outward, and that's the part of the action that counts. 

Something which clearly passed by the theological scholars of this particular church as they pored over their Bibles in search of a way to make themselves smaller and meaner and colder. 


5 thoughts on “Excommunion

  1. What arrogance, to think that one little church in Kansas dictates to g-d who enters Heaven and who doesn’t. There are a lot of churches in this country–does g-d decide that Kansas Lutheran decides who stays and who goes even if one is a member in good standing of one of these other churches? Or even if one isn’t ever a member of a particular church does Kansas Lutheran think that there is no salvation outside of the church? That’s news to millions of people around the world who don’t know about Kansas Lutheran and could care less.

  2. My wife was raised in the Lutheran church, though she eventually fell far away from it. Lately she’s been offering wistful remembrances of those ancient days and wonders whether she might want to dip a toe into the waters to see if she might want to dive in again. I think I’ll show her this.

  3. And to Aimai: People like this have been presuming to speak for God from day one. It’s in their blood. Unfortunately, it’s in the blood of a lot of other people to believe them. And speaking of Lutherans, I recall that Martin, the original Lutheran, declared that a priesthood, as intermediary between man and God, was not necessary–every man a priest!– ergo dump the Catholic Church. Of course, the first thing the Lutherans, and other Protestants, did was to install themselves as God’s interlocutors and ban all heresies that didn’t conform to their own interpretations of Holy Scripture.

  4. Fuck it, the guy is better off without the eternally benighted god-humpers harrying him constantly. Maybe he can go live a happy god-free life somewhere else with someone he loves, and not give another thought to these superstitious self aggrandized assholes.

  5. Brad Nailer: It’s important to distinguish between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which sounds like the conservative wing but isn’t, and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the denomination to which the above small-minded congregation belongs. The ELCA, as denominations go, is pretty gay-friendly.

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