9 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Yeah and it looks like the knuckleheads were out in Ferguson in the early hours this morning, undoing the work community leaders have been doing all week. IT’S FRIDAY BAYBEE!!


    Here’s one nice thing I found this week. I had Dyme-A-Duzin on my best of 2013, and I absolutely love “No Intention” by Dirty Projectors (#4 here). He just sampled it on his new track and it’s sounds great.

  2. And if I can’t, I blame Snowden & Wired, because they stole my avatar.

  3. Actually, it it was anybody’s political Katrina, it was Jay Nixon’s. I’d heard he harbors presidential ambitions. Not happenin’, Jay. Not after today.

  4. This week can bite me. The least bad thing that happened in the news was the death of Betty Bacall and only because she was 89.

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