Black people don’t understand the system


When asked why the pro-Wilson rally didn’t have many African-American attendees, John Newshaw, a retired St. Louis County police officer, said, “This sounds wrong, but I don’t think the black community understands the system. Again, there’s a process. They’re screaming about, why isn’t he [Wilson] arrested, why isn’t he in jail? Well, without the investigation being done, you can’t go and apply for a warrant.”


“They’re going to keep pushing the envelope,” he said of demonstrators who’ve gotten violent during protests in Ferguson. “There’s no reason to stop. … It’s as simple as training your dog. If you don’t tell them stop biting, guess what, he’s going to continue to bite.”

Covering ourselves in glory, my race is, these days.


5 thoughts on “Black people don’t understand the system

  1. Maybe someone should explain the whole “process” thing to Officer Wilson…and the rest of the police force, who seem to think they’re an assault unit of an invading army.

  2. That system of American-style “law and order” Mr Newshaw homilizes about apparently was delivered from Mt Sinai by Moses, and there must no way humanly possible to waver from, let along change, such a divinely-inspired set of rules.

  3. I expect tonight to be far worse with the National Guard. I’m a 50 year old white woman who lives 30 minutes away and I’m half inclined to show up and protest. I am glad that I don’t know anyone here who is siding with the police. I know they exist, but I don’t know them.

  4. White people who think they know what it’s like to be a Black American is the same thing as a man who thinks he knows what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth: not a goddamn thing.

  5. Definitely agree in the hypocrisy of “Again, there’s a process.”

    I’m in a rural area where folks are sounding like they’re back in the 50s and even at a Klan Rally. Making comments about guilt that they know because they are “an aware white man.”

    I’d really like it asked, if they were living in a predominantly white area and 95% of the police department was black, if they might have concerns about being treated equally.

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