Organized Protest Zone


Authorities are establishing an “organized protest zone” at Ferguson Road and West Florissant Avenue, St. Louis County police said. West Florissant was being closed to traffic. Authorities said the media would have access through road blocks.

Shortly after media were told of the “organized protest zone,” authorities began setting up concrete highway barriers at checkpoints near the protest zone.

We used to have one of those called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but that’s just crazy talk. Can’t let people go protesting everywhere. Can’t let anybody just stand on the street and talk. Can’t have that.

We need to corral everyone into a carefully controlled area in which they can express their opinions. In which they can voice their thoughts. In which they can be heard, but not too loudly, and seen, but not too prominently. In which they can feel like they’re doing something, and in fact do nothing at all.

This is, after all, the country in which the major political parties offer “free speech zones” at their national conventions. This is, after all, the country in which national media critique the clothing of the protesters while ignoring their words. This is the country of managed, created-for-tv displays, dueling press conferences, statements prepared in advance, questions e-mailed for pre-approval and canned response.

This is the country of giving you a little freedom, and making you feel lucky for that, so that you don’t ask for more. So that you don’t ask for what you’re owed. So that you don’t ask for what is inalienable, what is endowed by the Creator, what is your right.


3 thoughts on “Organized Protest Zone

  1. Well, they’ve started firing teargas and other various weapons of war on the people of Ferguson and friends. Ain’t it great!?

  2. 2nd Amendment — the literal word of God…well, minus the whole militia thing…

    1st Amendment — whatever the local authorities decide it means…

    And I guess the 14th Amendment…and all the others, minus the 10th when it suits their purposes, are just so many words.

    Glad they’ve set us straight on all that…

  3. All of it is meaningless except when it suits their purposes. They sure as hell don’t want the black folks to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

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