Album Cover Art Wednesday: Garcia


I’ve been going through another Dead phase of late. Anyone surprised? I thought not. I decided to write a bit about Jerry Garcia’s eponymous 1972 solo LP. It’s his first solo outing and his best, featuring a George Raft of songs played live by the little combo he spent most of his time on the road with. Jerry played most of the instruments himself and very well indeed. It was the fad at that point since Macca had just done the same on his own eponymous debut album. Woo.

Bob Seidemann’s cover is an exercise in hippie surrealism. I’m particularly fond of the 4-fingered hand, which is, of course, Jerry’s. The cards are a bow to the poker themed songs Deal and Loser. I don’t think I’d want to play poker with lyricist Robert Hunter: I bet he has an ace or two up his sleeve.

Here’s the album. Yeah, I know, you’re seeing double. What can I say?

Finally, here’s Dave Alvin’s interpretation of Loser from West Of The West,  his album  of songs about California or by California songwriters:

3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Garcia

  1. Love it, but love the cover of Cats Down Under the Stars a bit more. Love this album, but Reflections might be his best as far as songwriting goes. Debatable, and what a fun debate to have.

  2. @Dire Wolf: Agreed about the Cats cover. Chose this LP so I could make eponymous jokes. Also, Sugaree, Loser, Deal and The Wheel are 4 of my favorite live Dead songs.

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