Soul Week: Rock My Soul

As a grand finale, I’ve decided to flip this thing on its head. Ouch. I asked for some ideas for a post title on FB but none of them rocked or rolled. So, I settled on the title of an old Elvin Bishop song. So it goes.

Now where the hell was I? Oh yeah,  today it’s time to hear some soul singers sing rock and roll songs. I’ll skip the originals and get down to the nitty gritty with some sweet soul music.

First, Otis Redding kicking some serious ass at the Monterey Pop Festival with a Rolling Stones numbah:

What would soul week be like without some Aretha? Here she is rocking the Band’s The Weight. It was recorded at Muscle Shoals studio with Duane Allman on slide guitar:

Speaking of Duane Allman, he also played a session with Wilson Pickett:

Here’s Bettye Lavette with an interpretation of one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs:

Finally, I’m circling back to Elvin Bishop. He’s a white boy blues rock singer but he did have a fro back in the day, and Rock My Soul is a helluva song: