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  1. My dream abode, for a long time, was the stylin’, stylish duplex my aunt had on the 18th floor of an East Side apartment building in Manhattan. It had two terraces and was located in what I thought was THE place to be. She also had a nice cottage on Fire Island, which, if it had been a little closer to the beach, would’ve also been perfect for me. I don’t need a lot of house, just a great location in which I can breathe.

    These days, though we are lowly renters of what many would consider a pretty nice house outside NW Houston in a swanky ‘hood, I want to be back in my old 2nd floor apartment in our house in New Orleans, after it’s been completely renovated (because it really needs it, the kitchen and the bathrooms especially) and nicely refurnished, checking out the street from our balcony once again. Someday, someday…

  2. Middle of the mountains in Eire? How about “slightly up the side of a mountain, to get a good view of the lakes of Killarney”?

    And skip the thatched roof on the cottage. Looks nice from the outside, pesthole on the inside.

  3. That’s tough. I can think of a number of different places where I’d be very happy, all involving height and great views, from NYC to mountains to ocean. But the house we’re renting now is actually pretty cool — built in the 1920s, it’s atop a short but steep hill with a wooded front yard and a nice front porch overlooking a small, heavily wooded city park. Frankly, moving is such a pain that I’m tempted to call this my dream house and be done with it.

  4. If I have to move again, I’ll kill somebody. Probably myself on the truck ramp when I miss the ramp or in cardiac arrest.

  5. Louisiana Gulf Coast — I want a little house on pilings on the chenier where I grew up, in the middle of half a dozen or more big ol’ live oaks. That’s what I want, preferably with some A/C and a well with clean water. I’d watch the birds fly south in the morning to the marsh in front and north back to land in the evening. I’d probably have to put up with a lot of dum’asses, but it would be worth it.

  6. New York brownstone would suit me fine…if I won the lottery. Otherwise, can’t complain too loud about what I’ve got — early 20th century Arts and Crafts style kinda sorta bungalow. Needs work and one of my ongoing set of unmet resolutions is to do the work…well, maybe after a big project at work gets finished, I’ll take some time off and get started…

  7. On the small side with most of the square footage in the living area and kitchen. Must be relatively new – no old house for me. On the minimalist side with clean lines, soothing colors. Within walking distance of the beach but with a lush, tropical back yard. Large windows to let nature in.

  8. I’d like a nice place with one door opening somewhere in midtown Manhattan and the other opening not far from the park entrance of Olympic National Park. That way I’d have the best of both worlds. Of course, if I had such a place I’d be tempted to make a fortune letting people trek in through my front room and out the kitchen door without having to deal with the airlines or TSA. That would attract the attention of the folks at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Labs and they’d turn my dream house into an experimental space warp test site. They’d probably put in damned X-ray scanners. If I ever got my dream house, I’d keep it pretty quiet, and avoid any strange inconsistent blog postings that might tip someone off.

  9. a 1910ish bungalow w/ old features. hell, that last house the rehab addic did. but i saw the coolest old kitchen in a house i while back. TRANSOM windows and a ash disposal thing + A WOOD STOVE somewhere. unpainted woodwork. wooded backyard too!

  10. Something out of rock, with a Mexican tile roof. Arches over the porches and a garage in back, with live oaks and pecans for shade.

  11. A bungalow, either newly-built or gut-rehabbed (I’m not handy enough to deal with old house issues). On the smallish side, but built like a jewelbox with custom cabinetry and trim. Functional kitchen with ergonomic appliances (e.g., cooktop and wall ovens instead of range, to minimize bending). 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, plus a multi-purpose space that can serve as an office, bedroom, craft room, S&M den, workout area, music studio, or whatever else suits my mood. Basement, since I’m in tornado country. Screened-in porch. Geothermal heating/cooling with radiant heat floors. Shade trees over the house, with a sunny spot in the back yard for a vegetable garden. On or very near to a lake or ocean. Located in an established, walkable neighborhood with nice neighbors. I’m very fond of the Bay View and East Side neighborhoods in Milwaukee, but have been so disturbed by the ascendancy of Scott Walker that I’ve tabled my relocation aspirations for the time being (I’m in IL now).

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