Reminder of How GOP Saw Kidnapped Journalists Under the Great and Glorious Bush

When Don Imus thinks you are an asshole and should say you’re sorry … 

IMUS: So she’s aware of all of the — in my view — idiotic analysis of this initial interview she gave that was made by various people. Rush Limbaugh and other morons.

RICHARD ENGEL (NBC News Baghdad correspondent): She’s definitely aware of it. In Germany, she spent a half-day —

IMUS: Pardon me?

ENGEL: Yeah, she’s definitely aware of it. Half the day in Germany, she actually missed the flight, so she had to spend the day in Germany — missed the connection. And that day, she spent writing a sort of rebuttal to all the criticism saying that “this was not what I meant. I had no choice. These people are criminals, and I was under duress.”


IMUS: Well, now what do you have to say, Charles? Bernard?

McCORD: What do you mean?

IMUS: Well you guys were — had her carrying al-Zarqawi’s baby.

McGUIRK: Aw, come on. Just kidding around. Just glad she’s OK, she’s back and all is well.

McCORD: Absolutely.

McGUIRK: And all is well.

McCORD: Enough said.

IMUS: Well, you two should apologize. That’s what I think.

McGUIRK: Apologize for what? For articulating what everybody was suspecting?

McCORD: Yeah, for sharing the widely held view?

IMUS: Well, I didn’t hold that view. So how widely held was it?

McCORD: It was very widely held.

IMUS: You’re nuts.

That’s DON IMUS, saying “you’re nuts” to a right-winger. Let that sink in a second. Back then that sort of commentary wasn’t a bridge too far. It wasn’t out of the ordinary. People used “treason” as a comma just a few short years ago, and the only thing that’s changed is the party holding the White House.