‘Help Fight Liberals’

For serious, why?

“Help fight liberals by donating today.”

Fight liberals how? And for what? I don’t get what we’re fighting about, and I pay pretty damn good attention to the Republican crazy on the Internets. How are people beyond the 27 percent supposed to connect with this?

I can’t bring myself to get upset about Republican hypocrisy anymore (and for serious, this isn’t even this week‘s most egregious example), but their shitty strategy annoys me. I like my enemies more competent than this.


6 thoughts on “‘Help Fight Liberals’

  1. Rev. Drek says:

    Maybe repubs hadn’t heard that it’s too late to fight liberals. They should try their local cemetery. Liberalism has passed through that blue tunnel into the Afterlife™.


  2. Dan says:

    “How are people beyond the 27 percent supposed to connect with this?”
    They aren’t. If the 27% contribute, mission accomplished, no need for anyone else to get it.
    Today has been a lousy news day so here is Tuki Carter with On One, because I may never get tired of “I told that fuckin’ cop to jump off my meat.”


  3. maplestreet says:

    Seem like it could be an easy scam. Put up a web page asking for donations to fight the Kenyan/Marxist/Maoist dictator. Accept Paypal. Becomes an almost passive way to put money in your bank account?


  4. maplestreet says:

    Forgot to add: Just think of all those wonderful charities for Disabled, Kids with Cancer, etc. that only spend 1% of their intake on the cause. And it is pretty easy to document what money does or doesn’t go to the cause they mention.
    OTOH – fighting liberalism is such a squishy term, paying off my mortgage is fighting liberalism. Buying my groceries is fighting liberals. etc.


  5. sad says:

    Conservatives use words for the emotional content.
    It’s specific to their personalities;
    Peace… sad


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