‘Help Fight Liberals’

For serious, why?

“Help fight liberals by donating today.”

Fight liberals how? And for what? I don’t get what we’re fighting about, and I pay pretty damn good attention to the Republican crazy on the Internets. How are people beyond the 27 percent supposed to connect with this?

I can’t bring myself to get upset about Republican hypocrisy anymore (and for serious, this isn’t even this week‘s most egregious example), but their shitty strategy annoys me. I like my enemies more competent than this.


6 thoughts on “‘Help Fight Liberals’

  1. Maybe repubs hadn’t heard that it’s too late to fight liberals. They should try their local cemetery. Liberalism has passed through that blue tunnel into the Afterlife™.

  2. “How are people beyond the 27 percent supposed to connect with this?”
    They aren’t. If the 27% contribute, mission accomplished, no need for anyone else to get it.
    Today has been a lousy news day so here is Tuki Carter with On One, because I may never get tired of “I told that fuckin’ cop to jump off my meat.”
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGGH3anseR4&w=560&h=315%5D

  3. Seem like it could be an easy scam. Put up a web page asking for donations to fight the Kenyan/Marxist/Maoist dictator. Accept Paypal. Becomes an almost passive way to put money in your bank account?

  4. Forgot to add: Just think of all those wonderful charities for Disabled, Kids with Cancer, etc. that only spend 1% of their intake on the cause. And it is pretty easy to document what money does or doesn’t go to the cause they mention.
    OTOH – fighting liberalism is such a squishy term, paying off my mortgage is fighting liberalism. Buying my groceries is fighting liberals. etc.

  5. Conservatives use words for the emotional content.
    It’s specific to their personalities;
    Peace… sad

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