Kinks Week: A Few Favorites


Kinks week has been a blast. I’m gonna be a bit lazy at this point and do what the title says and just  post a few favorites.

I used to sleepwalk when I was a tadpole. I seemed to have outgrown it at some point but I’ll never outgrow the fabulous rocker that is Sleepwalker:

Yeah, I know they were lip syncing-n-miming but dig that psychedelic Mike Douglas show set. Crazy, Daddy-O.

Here’s a rare live version of No More Looking Back, the kick ass closing number on Schoolboys In Disgrace:

Speaking of rare live versions, here’s a ragged rendition of Scattered from Phobia:

One of the reasons I love The Sopranos so much is David Chase’s superb use of music. He featured several Kinks classics and I’m going to conclude Kinks week by playing two of them.

Living On A Thin Line was featured in the Bad-a-Bingcentric episode, University. It told the story of Ralphie’s “relationship” with a stripper with a heart of gold. In the end, Ralph beat her to death and got into a fight with Tony. His main crime was “disrepecting da Bing.” Da noive:

 I’m Not Like Everybody Else is in many ways the quintessential Ray Davies song. It was featured in a season-5 episode, Cold Cuts, wherein Crazy Janice had some anger management issues at her step-daughter’s soccer game. She spends the episode trying to control her temper and then loses her shit when Tony punches her buttons. Chase used the raucous live version of I’m Not Like Everybody Else from the last official Kinks release To The Bone, which makes it a perfect grand finale for Kinks Week: