Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Odds and Sods edition

Morning, all! Let's get going – lots of mouldy oldies to rip through.

I haven't posted anything on what the Freeperati thought about Elliot Rogers and his Santa Barbara shooting spree. Lets start with the umpty-millionth false flag operation !

A Question for the Lawyers on FB about Elliot Rodgers

Posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎43‎:‎31‎ ‎PM by 7thOF7th

Can anybody intelligently answer this questions about how a British national who has a history with psychological issues and has received counseling, can legally obtain three semiautomatic pistols in this state or country?

1 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎43‎:‎31‎ ‎PM by 7thOF7th

Um – because of the efforts of you, and people like you?

To: 7thOF7th

If people with the capability to make that happen wanted him to.

2 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎47‎:‎07‎ ‎PM by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves)
Is that even English? I oughtta get hazard pay for reading this shit.
To: 7thOF7th

See: The Second Amendment to the US Constitution NRA.

5 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎50‎:‎12‎ ‎PM by Oliviaforever
To: Oliviaforever

See: The Second Amendment to the US Constitution

Felons aren’t allowed to own guns.

Mentally ill people need restrictions too.

12 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎2‎:‎10‎:‎58‎ ‎PM by boycott
Come on, guys – don't you have ANY answers for how this horrid thing was made possible?
To: 7thOF7th

Am I the only one here that has his gaydar going off the map on this kid?

13 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎2‎:‎14‎:‎51‎ ‎PM by Cyman (We have to pass it to see what's in it= definition of stool sample)
To: 7thOF7th
Bottom line: If someone wants to kill, he or she will find the means to do so. There are rocks, bats, andirons, kitchen knives, razor blades, hammers, and the list goes on and on.
Como se dice?  Ah yes – bullshit.
No, the answer lies with the attacker, his family, total absence of religious upbringing, and a society that fosters narcissistic lazy, spoiled kids with overinflated egos who are showered by their parents with material trappings and nothing to do but play video games that fuel their egos until they literally get bored to death.
20 posted on ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎2‎:‎31‎:‎14‎ ‎PM by iontheball
Of course, we all know the REAL reason for the killings!!
To: 7thOF7th

This was a false flag op to gin up political support for gun confiscation and gun registration.

Elliot was a sleeper assassin.

8 posted on 5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎54‎:‎54‎ ‎PM by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves)
And there you have it!
Amusingly enough, one Freeper is getting a bit tired of this tried-and-true answer to everything:
To: PieterCasparzen

Dude, this is FreeRepublic. Take your nutty BS over to the ‘Truther’ forums.

I’m sick of ‘false flaggots’.

36 posted on ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2014‎ ‎5‎:‎20‎:‎10‎ ‎PM by LittleBillyInfidel (This tagline has been formatted to fit the screen. Some content has been edited.)
Oh, I am SO stealing that.
More after the thingy.

Next – self-deluded Freepers are self-deluded!

Success Of Obamacare Might Translate Into Political Success  The Moderate Voice ^ | April 18, 2014 | Dr. Ron Chusid

Posted on ‎4‎/‎18‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎15‎:‎44‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet

The number of people signing up for private insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act has now reached eight million. While primarily symbolic, it does represent a victory after initial projections of seven million were reduced to six million due to the problems when the exchanges opened. We know that if they failed to meet these projections, Republicans would be making a big deal of them. In addition, late enrollees included a high percentage of young people.


Today, the right struggles with Obamacare Derangement Syndrome: the acute inability to see Obamacare as anything but a catastrophic failure that the American people will soon reject. For those suffering from ODS, all bad Obamacare news is good news, and all good Obamacare news is spin. In this world, delays of minor provisions in the law prove that the entire structure is collapsing, while surges of millions of people enrolling in insurance don’t prove anything at all…

But it’s coming at a moment when Obamacare’s successes are getting tougher and tougher to deny. The law signed up more than 7.5 million people in the exchanges, more than 3.5 million people in Medicaid, and it led millions more to get health care through their employers or directly through insurers. Premiums are lower than the Congressional Budget Office predicted when the law passed, and insurers are already thinking about how to compete for applicants in 2015. The White House has a much better story to tell than anyone — including me — thought possible in December.

For Republican pundits it might not matter that Obamacare is a success. Republicans show more intensity in their views, and very little concern for the truth. Campaigning against Obamacare might still motivate Republicans to get out and vote.

Andrew Sullivan might be a bit overly optimistic about the political effects of the success of Obamacare, but I hope he is right:


 A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds the following:

Nearly one-third of respondents in the online survey released on Tuesday said they prefer Democrats’ plan, policy or approach to healthcare, compared to just 18 percent for Republicans. This marks both an uptick in support for Democrats and a slide for Republicans since a similar poll in February.

That’s mainly because of renewed confidence and support from previously demoralized Democrats. But it’s also a reflection, it seems to me, of the political vulnerability of Republicans who have failed to present a viable alternative to the law, and indeed seem set, in the eyes of most voters, merely to repeal ACA provisions that are individually popular. And this bad position is very likely to endure because of the intensity of the loathing for Obama/Obamacare among the Medicare recipients in the GOP base. It seems to me that right now, the GOP cannot offer an alternative that keeps the more popular parts of Obamacare without the air fast leaking out of their mid-term election balloon. And so by the fall, the political dynamics of this may shift some more in Obama’s direction. By 2016, that could be even more dramatic. One party – the GOP – will be offering unnerving change back to the status quo ante, and the other will be proposing incremental reform of the ACA. The only thing more likely to propel Hillary Clinton’s candidacy would be a Republican House and Senate next January.

It’s that long game thing again, isn’t it? Like the civil rights revolution of the Obama years, it seemed a close-to-impossible effort to start with, and then was gradually, skillfully ground out. It also seems true to me that the non-event of the ACA for many, many people will likely undermine some of the hysteria on the right. The ACA-opponents may be in danger of seeming to cry wolf over something that isn’t that big a deal. Yes, they may have premium hikes to tout as evidence of the alleged disaster. And every single piece of bad news on the healthcare front will be attributed to the ACA, fairly or not. But the public will still want to know how premiums can go down without people with pre-existing conditions being kicked out of the system, or without kids being kicked off their parents’ plan, and so on. I think, in other words, that the GOP’s position made a lot of short-term political sense in 2010 and even 2012. But it’s a much tougher sell in 2014, let alone 2016. Once again, they have substituted tactics for strategy. Every time they have done that with Obama, they have failed.

Sullivan described how he has benefited from the Affordable Care Act and concluded, “Yes, I am just one tiny, and rare example. But for me, at least, Obamacare has over-delivered and over-performed. If my experience is replicated more widely, then I suspect the polling and politics will shift yet again.”

1 posted on 4‎/‎18‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎15‎:‎44‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet


"For those suffering from ODS, all bad Obamacare news is good news, and all good Obamacare news is spin."

What say ye, Freepers?

To: 2ndDivisionVet

Propaganda piece for the low information voter, nothing to see here.

3 posted on 4‎/‎18‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎21‎:‎08‎ ‎PM by Trueblackman (As a Conservative, I am proud to be on the Obama's enemy list and on the right side of history..)
To: 2ndDivisionVet

I’m having trouble seeing the downside of ObamaCare for poor or subsidized folks.


Seems a lot of votes there if they can attract them.

I have no trouble seeing how ACA will kill middle working class folks and destroy the economy relieve the stress on Emergency Rooms and keep people out of bankruptcy.

4 posted on ‎4‎/‎18‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎22‎:‎12‎ ‎PM by umgud
Well, at least for once, the Freeperati are keeping their inherent racism out of it.
To: 2ndDivisionVet

Meet your new doctor, Dr. Dre.

48 posted on ‎4‎/‎19‎/‎2014‎ ‎5‎:‎48‎:‎49‎ ‎AM by windsorknot
I sit corrected.
To: 2ndDivisionVet

Success? Success of what?

The Nazi Gun Control Act was successful too. That’s about the only comparison I can make between the two.

14 posted on ‎4‎/‎18‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎30‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by wastedyears (I'm a pessimist, I say plenty of negative things. Consider it a warning of sorts.)
OK – what's next?
We haven't checked in on Bundyville lately (mostly because there's been a dearth of threads since the Oath Breakers and the Moron Militia started running black ops on each other), so let's look at this one from the end of April:

Is Bundy's Protest Tarnishing the Tea Party? (Weekly Standard jumping the shark?) The Weekly Standard ^ | April 22, 2013 | Michael Warren

Posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎8‎:‎56‎:‎08‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet

Senior writer John McCormack joined Greta van Susteren's political panel Monday on Fox News to discuss the protest at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, in this week's issue, the Scrapbook writes about the problems with Cliven Bundy's cause:

Twenty years ago, the federal government, which owns the land on which Bundy grazes his 900 cattle, decided to impose a grazing fee. Bundy opposes that fee, has consistently refused to pay it, and the federal Bureau of Land Management now claims that he owes $1 million in unpaid fees. Bundy has challenged the grazing fee in federal court—indeed, has challenged the federal government’s title to land in Nevada—and has consistently lost. Sixteen years ago, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against Bundy, ordering the removal of his cattle. Bundy appealed that ruling to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and lost again. Last August, a federal court gave Bundy 45 days to remove his cattle, and in October, a federal district judge ordered Bundy not to “physically interfere with any seizure or impoundment operation.”

This does not sound to The Scrapbook like the dread hand of tyranny, in Nevada or Washington, oppressing an innocent farmer, or pushing some law-abiding citizen around. It sounds, instead, like a rancher gaming the system to his own financial advantage, and disguising his scheme in populist rhetoric: refusing to pay a tax which others must pay, and “tying up the courts”—for two decades!—as he continues to ignore the law. Far from acting in an arbitrary or capricious manner, the federal government has shown patience and forbearance in the face of lawlessness that customarily lands people in jail. It is worth noting that Bundy’s rancher-neighbors and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, who contend with the same federal policies, offer him little support.

Bundy has exercised his First Amendment right to plead his case publicly and inflame his admirers. And inflamed they have been: A few hundred people from around the country converged on Nye County, Nevada—many armed and brandishing weapons—to disrupt the government’s attempt to enforce the law, taunting and attacking agents dutifully carrying out the orders of a federal court. Last week, fearful of violence, the BLM suspended its roundup and withdrew from the area.

This is no victory for anyone other than Bundy and, The Scrapbook hopes, a temporary one at that. There is a term to describe the people who surround him, and it isn’t “militia.” The word is “mob.” And what this mob has practiced is not civil disobedience but armed provocation of a democratic government which has afforded Cliven Bundy every right and privilege as a citizen. One of Bundy’s supporters boasted to the press that “we were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front.” This is the same spirit that animates people who attack firemen during riots, or opposed school integration with violence in Little Rock, Arkansas. In that case, 57 years ago, President Eisenhower was obliged to send the 101st Airborne because, as he said, “mob rule cannot be allowed to override the decisions of our courts.”

What was true then remains true today. Cliven Bundy is no hero of any kind. No conservative would pick and choose the laws he intends to obey, defy the rest, and challenge the rule of democracy with guns. No hero would adopt the terrorist’s tactic of placing innocents in harm’s way. Any fool can pick up a weapon and aim at an officer of the law; the moral power of civil disobedience lies in the willingness to defer to the law and accept punishment on principle.

 1 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎8‎:‎56‎:‎08‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet
Pretty stong denunciaton, especially from FOX and the Weakly Standard.
To: 2ndDivisionVet

The TEA party ain’t a party. It’s a movement.

2 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎8‎:‎59‎:‎21‎ ‎PM by E. Pluribus Unum ("The best way to control opposition is to lead it ourselves." — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin)
"But enough about my irritable bowel syndrome."
To: 2ndDivisionVet
The more Bundy talks about his bizzaro jurisdictional theories, the crazier he sounds.

The Tea Party opposes government overreach and overkill – but it tends to avoid Gordon Kahl style muttering.

The point here is that the BLM sent an army against an old man who never fired a shot.

3 posted on ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎8‎:‎59‎:‎53‎ ‎PM by wideawake
An "Army"?
There isn't an Army base (outside of reserves) in all of Nevada.
Now, Nellis is another story.
If they sent the USAF, the dumbfucks on the ground would have just about enough time for their last words:
"What's that sound?"
Let's have some reasoned debate, shall we?
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Well, that was stimulating.
One final post, as a Freeper lays bare his heart:
To: Luke21

This country is a broken heart from being cuckholded.
Nothing is going to heal it now.
D I V O R C E is all that is left.

64 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎9‎:‎46‎:‎36‎ ‎PM by Cats Pajamas (Send your dollar to see the birth certificate)
"But enough about my last two marriages."
Time for one more – Dole-ful pronouncement!

Bob Dole: Paul, ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Cruz Don’t Have Experience to Run in 2016 ^ | 6:53 pm, April 21st, 2014 | Josh Feldman

Posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎3‎:‎53‎:‎28‎ ‎PM by SoConPubbie

Former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole weighed in on his party’s likely 2016 contenders recently, and concluded that some of the most talked-about names just aren’t ready yet. In a new interview with the Wichita Eagle, Dole calls out Ted Cruz and Rand Paul specifically to say they lack the experience to run in 2016.

He takes a few shots at Obamacare too, calling the rollout a “disaster” and casting serious doubt on the administration’s claims they successfully enrolled 7 million people, while charging that Democrats don’t get nearly the kind of blame Republicans do for partisan gridlock and congressional inaction.

But Dole also had a few unfiltered thoughts on his own party’s chances in the next election, and took on a number of Republicans, including the man who publicly dissed Dole’s failed presidential campaign at CPAC this year.

“A number of the younger members, first-termers like Rand Paul, (Marco) Rubio and that extreme-right-wing guy – Ted Cruz? All running for president now.

“I don’t think they’ve got enough experience yet.”

Last year Dole was very critical of his own party, suggesting the GOP should put up a “closed for repairs” sign.

1 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎3‎:‎53‎:‎28‎ ‎PM by SoConPubbie

You gonna let Bob Dole get away with that, Freepers?

To: SoConPubbie

Too bad that all that ED medicine has mess with Bob’s brain

2 posted on ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎3‎:‎54‎:‎32‎ ‎PM by Nifster
To: SoConPubbie

Bob, I think your little blue pills have affected your thinking.

23 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎4‎:‎12‎:‎46‎ ‎PM by KeyLargo
To: SoConPubbie

Who knew Viagra destroys brain cells?

Rush Limbaugh?

34 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎4‎:‎26‎:‎17‎ ‎PM by jmaroneps37 (Conservatism is truth. Liberalism is lies.)
You know, I'll just leave the irony of a bunch of idiots who do all their thinking with the wrong head (and judge women "Guilty" or "Not Guilty" by how hot they look in their mugshots) complaining about somebody else's ED as an excersize for the reader.
We'll have no more Bob Dole Dick Jokes, thank you very little.
To: SoConPubbie

Who is Dole to listen to? He lost his election with a very flaccid campaign.

68 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎6‎:‎49‎:‎25‎ ‎PM by windsorknot
There has to be some reasonable (hint: NOT Viagra) explanation for this ex-war hero's denunciation!
To: SoConPubbie; flaglady47; JulieRNR21; seekthetruth; seenenuf; mickie; pax_et_bonum; Maine Mariner; ..
Dole is 91.

He's in poor health, in a wheel chair, with numerous hospitalizations in the past years. He is NOT in good shape.

It's my opinion that someone close to him or some liberal cadre in the GOP-elite is USING HIM, feeding him lines and USING HIS NAME against Cruz…and the Tea Party and other true conservatives organizations and individuals will be next.

It could even be his wife in collaboration with others in the Republican DC liberal mafia.

The GOP-elite is ruthless. We have to wake up to that fact.


32 posted on 4‎/‎22‎/‎2014‎ ‎4‎:‎21‎:‎20‎ ‎PM by MinuteGal
See you good people mext Monday.

6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Odds and Sods edition

  1. So much craziness for you to report, so little space, so little time.
    First cited posting begins, “Can anybody intelligently answer…..” Just from that, seems obvious that the replies aren’t going to go well.
    And on Bundy, TP is reporting that the two Las Vegas shooters were part of the Bundy militia. Oooops!
    Also was in Dr.’s office this AM. Faux News has to note that the Dow and S&P500 are around 190% of what they were 5 years ago (of course, no mention of some itsy-bitsy thing that happened 5 years ago). Instead, their financial gurus are going nuts trying to explain how this is a terrible thing leading to world-wide collapse. In between, provide some distraction to cuts to **ahem** “reporting” on Berghdal.

  2. Really, Really Dumb Question Tommy, in the Bob Dole / Ted Cruz thread, did anyone dare report that Cruz was born in Canada and not the son of an American father ? (Kind of like accusations they try to make about BHO ?)

  3. Yeah Tommy. which is another thing I kind of understand (based on class) but not really.
    The Cubans that came to USA to escape Castro’s revolution, were the upper class, professionals. The Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc. that are coming now are generally lower social class to escape policy.
    I’ve heard Cubans express a high degree of superiority of themselves to the other groups – even though both are Spanish derived. (Or to go further, both Cuba and Puerto Rico are island economies / cultures / etc. and I’ve heard the same looking down on the poorer Puerto Ricans). But I’m still surprised that the WASP structure in the USA welcomes the Cubans but not the other groups.

  4. Cruz still hasn’t renounced his CUBAN citizenship via his father, could make for some interesting primary debates.
    Someone please drop a hint to Fidel Castro to endorse Cruz? It would be the neighborly thing to do.

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