Best Candidate Name Ever

And the winner is Zephyr Teachout. It’s unusual, it’s punchy, it’s punworthy. She also cocked a snook at Andrew Cuomo in yesterday’s Noo Yawk Democratic Goober primary. (I prefer the term goober to gubernatorial. It’s one of my many quirks.) I thought she’d get 15-20% of the vote but she got 34%, which was a damn good showing for a protest candidate.

I knew that Empire State liberals were mad at Prince Andrew but I didn’t think that many of them would vote against him. Cuomo has dedicated his career to avoiding the mistakes he thinks his father made. He clearly believes Mario wasn’t dickish or arrogant enough, and has been compensating for those perceived failings since his father was defeated in the GOP wave election of 1994.

I’m glad that Zephyr Teachout Cuomo a lesson. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to alter his style of governing or smooth over the rough edges of his personality. A dick is a dick, an asshole is an asshole.

Repeat after me: Zephyr Teachout.

One thought on “Best Candidate Name Ever

  1. We were discussing over at Balloon Juice just how amazingly far this particular apple fell from the tree….. then rolled down a gully, and into the river, and floated downstream ….

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