Album Cover Art Wednesday: Todd Rundgren’s Utopia

I’ve been thinking about posting this cover for quite some time. Todd Rundgren *is* one of my favorite artists, and this was the first Utopia LP as well as his first foray into prog rock. That, however, is not the reason for the timing. I saw the new Fox reality teevee train wreck Utopia the other day. It’s bad, bad, bad. Their idea of Utopia is putting obnoxious bros together with bikini clad babes and the odd wingnut. The result is a campy, unintentionally funny asshole utopia. I’m not sure if I can stand watching it again but it made me laugh to watch these bumbling bozos. Thomas More is not amused…

Todd Rundgren has always been an experimental artist. It’s what has made his career arc so interesting and occasionally infuriating. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia pushed the  LP format to its limit with each side clocking in at around 30 minutes. Todd’s first version of Utopia was full of guys with names like Moogy Klingman and M Frog Labat instead of screaming Fox teevee reality pukes. It’s a helluva album with a cool cover. The eyes have it:


I found a swell poster online for a live performance in Atlanta. I hope my NOLA friends don’t start booing. People here are a bit upset in the wake of losing to the Falcons. Rob Ryan’s hair hoodoo didn’t work very well this time. Anyway, here’s the poster:


Btw, the whole Fox Theatre thing was a coinky-dink but an amusing one nonetheless.

I have the LP somewhere in a closet at Casa Adrastos, and hadn’t heard it for years until I found the sucker at YouTubopia. It holds up very well indeed. Enjoy:

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