8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. The plan for today is gym, brunch, bikes, beer, moar bikes. Somewhere in there I should squeak in some work, but… ehhhhhhhh

  2. In about an hour the contractor’s coming by to sign final contract and set a start date (probably in 2-3 weeks) for kitchen/bathroom renovation. The rest of the day will be spent cleaning up and starting to clean out the place.

    Next 6 weeks or so will be nervewracking but we have high hopes for the results!

  3. Gummo, my contractor was working on punch list for my kitchen remodel yesterday. We are oh so close to it being officially done. Love love love the new kitchen, and the 8 weeks of eating out and microwave meals were totally worth it. Now I start planning for the bathroom, cuz that one is next.

    In answer to A’s question, I’ll spend a chunk of my day filling up those new custom built kitchen cabinets, with a little football thrown in. If the raIn holds off, I’ll drag the bike out.

  4. Mow the grass if it doesn’t rain…NY Times Saturday crossword…go shop for beer, wine, and groceries…in that order. Priorities, after all.

  5. Hanging out while Dr. A goes to Jennings, LA with a colleague to give a talk. Paid too.

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