War on Drugs

Are we winning it yet? 

A 19-month old Georgia toddler is in critical condition after a northeast Georgia SWAT team threw a “flash bang” grenade into his playpen while he was sleeping, causing him to suffer severe burns and later enter a medically induced coma. The tragic incident is part of a larger trend of innocent bystanders suffering injury and death due to the tactics employed by SWAT teams


7 thoughts on “War on Drugs

  1. This is as much about the militarization of our police as it is about the war on drugs.
    Give amped-up boys amped-up toys and they’ll play with them. Simple as that.
    To make it worse, this trend has been accompanied by an ever-growing us vs. them mentality among all segments of society, as engineered by the plutocrats to keep us all at each other’s throats, and away from the tumbrels and guillotines.

  2. Sing it, Gummo. Last year, my son’s aunt and her husband were raided in what Radley Balko calls a typical militarized drug bust – a summons was issued for a paper-thin small-claims court complaint which was delivered by the Southern Iowa Drug Taskforce in a no-knock raid. They had pitbulls – I don’t know if the dogs were immediately shot on sight, which is standard operating procedure in these cases, but my son says they no longer have the dogs. Considering the stigma his mother’s family is under in their town, he’s reluctant to discuss most of it with me – I’ve had to piece it together from news articles.
    These boys got dressed up in their SWAT best and raided a below-ground earth home farmhouse with terror tactics because the neighbors figured out the aunt was meth’d out. Better yet, playing this game guarantees you and your buddies future nights out, because everything you confiscate goes back into your budget.

  3. This is horrible. A friend of the family has set up a donation site for the child’s surgery, as they don’t have health insurance.
    I am furious beyond words. That the boy was hurt is inexcusable, that the police don’t feel any remorse, or feel the need to help monetarily, is immoral.

  4. I was going to post very similar to Gummo’s statement about police militarization.
    News is fawning over the fact that Des Moines just got an armored vehicle as a military cast-off.

  5. I applaud what Pacem Appellant is promoting.
    However, I am stunned at the bald-faced lack of compassion that the groups involved in the raid seem totally devoid of any sort of conscience for their action. At a minimum, they caused severe injury of an infant. Wouldn’t a moral government at least make sure the medical care is taken care of ? A very basic measure ?

  6. Maplestreet – I live in Des Moines & they’ve had an MRAP for a few years. It’s Des Moines county, in far SE Iowa, population 40,000, that just got the toy. I find Burlington a bit scummy, especially with the casino there, but not enough to warrant an explosive-proof MRAP.

  7. Thanks idosynchronic. So it’s Burlington ? My impression of which might meld well with yours (a dying town that got a Casino as supposed economic mannah from heavan – so now is a dying town with a Casino with the problems of both).

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