You Want Government Money? You Get Government Rules.


To give an example, faith leaders said a Catholic charity group that believes sex outside heterosexual marriage is a sin should not be denied government funding because it refused to employ a leader who was openly gay


Look, there's a very easy way to preserve your oh-so-sacred belief that the gays are icky. Don't take government cash. That way, you won't have to touch any dollars a gay person might have touched, and you can continue to be bigots in pointless, stupid ways, and everybody will be happy. Your religious freedom is perfectly preserved. 

This is just whining. BUT MOOOOOOOM, I WANT THE MONEY! Tough fucking shit. If I want to earn money from somebody, I have to do the job he hired me to do in the way he hired me to do it. Government's no different. Government hires you to do a job without discriminating, you do it without discriminating. Otherwise you ain't done the job, and you ain't getting paid. 

Now, you say you're gonna be broke without that sweet government contract? That now you can't have everything your heart desires? That you might have to lay some people off or close some buildings or God forbid melt down a gold crucifix or two?

I'm sure the Lord will provide for you, if you're truly doing His work. 


6 thoughts on “You Want Government Money? You Get Government Rules.

  1. Ever since Chief Justice John “lawless” Roberts decided that states that didn’t want to expand Medicaid could ignore the rules that said ‘Medicaid, our way or the highway’, thing have changed.
    The new rule is: Conservatives own ALL the money, they just haven’t pried it all out of the grubby little hands of the 99%ers yet. And you can’t seriously think that some rule from an uppity Blah dude would be taken seriously, amirite?

  2. An interesting concept. Would this extend to, say, school districts that refused to provide full access to their students by military recruiters? Could those districts still receive their full complement of federal education dollars?
    But no, I’m sure that that situation is very, very different.

  3. They want government contracts, but on their terms…and I’m guessing they also expect an exemption from government taxes since they’re a religious organization. Hmmm…
    Kind of like the Tea Party types who demand the government stay away from their Social Security and Medicare.
    So much for lives, fortunes, and sacred honor…

  4. All pretty good reasons for a healthy separation of church and state, as the Founders intended, David Barton’s revisionist history notwithstanding.
    Part of the problem comes from certain Presidents trolling for votes through the WH faith-based initiatives office, and some of it is rooted in a fetish for privatizing government functions. Anyone could see that once one embraced either of those two concepts, we set off on a path that would directly lead to the cases at issue.
    Want to avoid these sort of conflicts with the church? Don’t invite them into government.

  5. I never cease to be amazed at how clueless folks getting govt money are to that fact. Govt grants to schools for research.
    Or I live in a rural area. There are no govt subsidies for farmers ? Especially none for Corn ? Or like most rural areas, the area has high unemployment and what little employment there is tends towards low-paid manual labor (the folks here look nostalgically to a former shoe factory because they could get steady employment gluing soles onto shoes – really bet those were upper class jobs with great benefits). The only way the airport can keep a commercial air shuttle to a major airport (3 hours drive away) is by an FAA subsidy.
    Consequently these proud, heartland, self-sufficient folks get a relatively high rate of govt subsidy. But not only are they unaware of this fact but they are the quickest to condemn any sort of “welfare queen” or even govt programs which provide subsidies.

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