Prosecute People for Not Being Racist Anymore

Doc sent this along, and Jesus tits: 

The June issue of the paper went to print with the white space standing in for the letter, and without the word “Redskins” appearing anywhere. And this was when McGee decided to run around campus in his Quixotic attempt to collect all of the copies. This was also when the elder Pirritano made up his mind that the editors of the Playwickian should be prosecuted for their refusal to print his son’s letter.

“This in my opinion also reaches the level of a conspiracy, in any other context except a school environment it would be considered such,” Pirritano said in an email. “I see this as no different than if these students went into another students [sic] locker and stole their phone or any valuable. Theft is theft no matter how you look at it, and they admit conspiring to do such. My statement reflects that view and in my opinion a police investigation should have taken place. It also reflects my personal philosophy that taxpayers should not be on the hook for such acts and I made that known to the public that attended our meetings as well as received comments from the public that they supported such investigation.”

He’s arguing that the paper’s use of school funds is a misappropriation of tax dollars. One problem though: the final issue of the school year, historically, has been paid for by the students themselves. June 2014 was no different.

On July 2, Gayle Spoul, an attorney hired to represent the Playwickian‘s editors, wrote to Michael Levin, an attorney retained by the school district to sort out this issue: “It is inconceivable to me that the District would decide to expend time and ‘funds’ to ‘investigate’ and then potentially prosecute these students, who are simply attempting to stand up for the rights guaranteed them by the Constitution and Pennsylvania law.”

For more background see Doc’s post here.

We are so far up the ass of the bully society at this point that somebody wanted to jail people who aren’t bullies. That’s where we’re at with the conservative pushback against … I don’t know, being told not to be such racist fucksticks anymore. It seems to rise to the level of conspiracy to misuse taxpayer resources? Really? This is literally a federal case?

I’m still waiting for somebody, anybody, to tell me what we get out of continuing to punch down here, in this case and in the case of the Washington Redskins and every other case in which team names and mascots are offensive. How do we benefit from this, this middle finger to anybody who dares say maybe don’t take my identity and use it for your entertainment?

How do those of us who are white, straight, otherwise unencumbered by constant demeaning in various forms of media make ourselves any better by this? What is the fucking POINT? And no, the unbearable burden of having to reprint some T-shirts and shit does not rise to the level of the Trail of Tears, so just stop with that shit.


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  1. I tore McGee a new asshole after Doc’s first post. I see Imma have to light him up again. But that is the conservative approach these days, isn’t it? Just double down on Teh_Stoopid. Because that always works so well.

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