‘the real reason newspapers are failing’

Keep pissing off your customers, guys. I’m sure eventually it’ll result in profit: 

Ken Bilderback writes: “Another reason newspapers are failing. We subscribe to The Oregonian. The good news is that we will get the Thanksgiving and Christmas papers we’re paying for. The bad news is that our subscription will be shortened because of it.”

Forget that it’s catastrophically shitty business practice. I don’t understand how this isn’t illegal. “You paid for this thing, with a certain understanding. And because we’re making more money on our ‘special’ papers, we need to gouge you for a few more bucks, in order to … make more money on what we’re already making more money on! So the contract you entered into with us is no longer valid, and we decided that on our own. SUCKS TO BE YOU BYE.”


One thought on “‘the real reason newspapers are failing’

  1. We subscribed for over 25 years. Cancelled last fall when they stopped daily delivery. Then this spring they started delivering it (on the days they still delivered) for free. For six months. Just ended a couple weeks ago. How desperate is that?

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