Gret Stet of Confusion

It was a wild morning. First of all, deliberations in the Nagin trial have been delayed until tomorrow because of an unspecified juror problem. It’s unknown as to why Judge Berrigan chose not to move on with the deliberations. That’s what alternates are for. Twittercourt never closes so several of us had suspicions about what happened:

In other Gret Stet news, PBJ’s coastal restoration Kaiser, Garret Graves, is leaving the guvmint. His lobbyist pals in the oil and gas industry are going to miss him so much that they’re throwing him a shebang or is that a blow out?

The suit in question was designed to make the oil and gas industry pay for the environmental degradation caused by offshore drilling. That seems only fair but Gov PBJ and Graves are bleeding hearts when it comes to the oil bidness. For more inf on the litigation follow this Google news search link thang.Science makes my brain even if I’m married to a scientist.

The SFLPA-Ewas set up to be an independent, non-political agency BUT everything is political in the Gret Stet; especially when it comes to the oil industry and Piyush Bobby Jindal. It’s okay to sue the Feds but evil to sue Big Oil. So it goes.

I’ll give the Kinks the last word: