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  1. To be honest, what attracted me was she said “yes” when I asked her out. We were both really looking more for other people, but why not enjoy the company while it lasted?
    Was also the least amount of heartache/headache when we broke it off…

  2. She was the server at a cafe’ right across the street from the hospital where I worked. She looked great in a pair of black tights, and she managed to establish a strong presence as an interesting, entertaining person, even with her brief, hurried appearances at my table. I was also intrigued by her bohemian streak.
    We started dating in 1988. With a 5-year interruption in the middle as we worked on figuring out our own problems and firmly establishing that there would be no one else better suited for us, we’re still together, still married.

  3. He pursued me. I likely would have blown him off since he wasn’t my type, but my friend assured me he was a good guy. I consented to go to dinner (with a chaperone)and after almost 17 years of marriage I think things worked out pretty well.

  4. Her intelligence, and the fact that she told me early on that she’d go out with me if I promised never to ask her to get married. We’ve been together for a little over 12 years now.

  5. She was sitting aloof from the crowd in her black tights, white long-sleeved t-shirt, shit-kicker boots and a long braid down her back. “Hm-m,” says I, “interesting.” Our first kiss came a couple of weeks later; our 17-year anniversary will be in July.

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