Balls To The Walls, Eh?


I know everybody is, okay? You’re tired in Texas and you’re tired in Wisconsin and you’re tired right here in Illinois, where we might actually elect a guy who makes Mitt Romney look charming and authentic.

But somebody tell me, what’s the alternative?

What’s the alternative to voting, to campaigning, to sticking a sign in your yard and a sticker on your car and talking to your neighbors about why it’s important they get off their asses tomorrow?

I guess we could all sit home with our ironic detachment and our Amstel Lights and talk about how everybody else is a sheep or a sucker for giving a shit. I guess we could do that for a while until it got old, and by “a while” I mean two seconds and by “until it got old” I mean back in 2004.

(That’s kind of what this feels like, like 2004, only this time I can see the beating coming, whereas back then I was around the goddamn bend.)

I guess if we were into this for proving how much better we were than everybody else (NO LABELS) we could do that, but personally? I’m in this for my friends and family and my goddamn life, so if you want to call me naive for continuing to participate in a broken system just because it’s the only one we have, go ahead.

So be tired. And get up and vote anyway.


3 thoughts on “Balls To The Walls, Eh?

  1. “There’s always a difference! This is between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’—which is much sharper than between ‘good’ and ‘better.’” –Robert Heinlein

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