Cardinal Columns: Nationally Awesome





The kids of Cardinal Columns, who spent the last year fighting against censorship, bullying and generally poor administrative behavior, have just earned the National Scholastic Press Association’s highest honor, the Pacemaker. These things are ridiculously hard to win and represent the overall quality of the publication, not the fact they fought against censorship. In short, IN SPITE of the heavy hand that tried to crush them, they managed to be one of the best high school newspapers in the country.

If this doesn’t give you hope, I don’t know what will.

Rock on, folks. I’d buy you a drink if it wouldn’t land me in jail, so go celebrate in some other more age-appropriate way.


One thought on “Cardinal Columns: Nationally Awesome

  1. It’s an overused sentiment, but let me say: This fucking rocks. Well done, Cardinal Columns.

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