Weekend Question Thread

How far do you travel for the holidays?

Mr. A and I lucked out: Our families are just an hour or so up the road in Wisconsin. I often remind my parents, when they’re complaining about Chicago traffic, that I could have married that asshole from Pennsylvania that I was dating, who was so controlling there would be no WAY we’d be spending Christmas anywhere but at his house.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. About 20 feet or so. Everyone comes to my house for the holidays. I have never had to go out of town for the holidays. I kind of wanted to be the person coming in town for the holidays, too. Because when you stay in town, you are the person who always ends up being in the office while everyone else travels away.

  2. Not far, about an hour and a half by car east or west (New Orleans or New Iberia), depending on whether I’m visiting friends or family.

    Wish there was a train, though.

  3. We don’t usually go anywhere, but this year we’re spending Thanksgiving week at Bosque del Apache, so about a 400-mile flight to El Paso. and then driving maybe another hundred up I-25 from there to Socorro.

  4. I don’t go home for Thanksgiving because it’s crunch time in the semester. I’m probably getting a ride back to the homeland for Xmas, which means about 100 miles north and back – but I don’t have my own car, so I’m unfortunately dependent upon other people with vehicles. I hate staying overnight in my parents’ house, so I hope it all happens in one day, but renting a car just for the 25th is… difficult.

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