we need 10 people to give $15


To finish off this school’s reading project.

Here are some of the NICER things said on the school district’s Facebook page during last week’s NRA-sponsored clusterfuck disaster: 

Refusing to allow the Veterans perform a 21 gun salute on school grounds because you’re a bunch of left leaning idiots? Shame, Shame, Shame!

Everyone part of this district should be fired

Evidently YOUR Mr. Tim Libham is a “STRICT LIBERAL and ADHERES GREATLY TO HIS “GOD” OBAMAS wishes of trying to WIPE OUT RESPECT to our veterans.. I thank God that the state of Virginia has not taken that path yet to kiss the hand of OBAMA like your Executive director has done!!~ SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT DOING YOUR 21 GUN SALUTE!!!!

Be glad I don’t live in your school district. I would have already started a recall petition to get you idiots out of office. The 21 gun salute is for all the veterans who have died defending this great country. Unfortunately in a free society mistakes are made when we elect people like you. Fortunately we have legal remedies to remove people like you from office.

You people are the reason I will NEVER vote for any bill to increase education spending….

Those are the ones the district didn’t have to delete because they were full of threats. And that last one? Yeah, that’s the majority of the reason why our schools are starved for money: Petulant idiots like that.

Give. Make the school’s day.