Rules of Cribbage: The Newsroom Thread

Apologies for not getting this up last night, but Mr. A and I are both bi for everybody on The Good Wife and so that came first and then I fell asleep on the couch. It’s just a 24-7 rave around here on the weekends.

Charlie’s right on this: 

Here, I am told, the latter persona comes into full plumage at a staff meeting in which the NewsNight crew bathes in its own warm moral light at having not jumped on the unfortunate social-media frenzy concerning a Saudi national who was dubiously identified as a suspect in the bombing early on. (The real damage there, of course, also was done by the old dead-tree media, specifically The New York Post, but Sorkin hates tabloids as much as he hates those scrimey bloggers on the Intertoobz, and apparently anyone else who remembers how to spell “psilocybin.”) Evidently, the message is to leave the news gathering to the professionals, kidz, or you will do real damage to real people.

I think the reason I can get past it with Sorkin is because of LEONA GODDAMN LANSING.

Why is it that it always seems like whatever show Sorkin’s making, the show becomes about something else? Studio 60 became about Jack and Jordan and news at the end. This show’s becoming about the future of the network, and Leona and Charlie. Those are the most compelling people on this show. I could give a shit about Will and Mack and their crap, honestly, even if Dev Patel is fucking bringing it every week right now.

Quick takes: Watching Leona raising money is going to be like Christmas and if there was a Leona-cam where you paid $5 to watch her wear an outfit and cut people down to size, I would personally give her $4 billion and I think you guys all would too. I love her in ways it should be illegal for us to love.

I like Kat Dennings, too, and you know what else I like? How unapologetically an asshole she is, because from her perspective, what does she owe anybody? She’s 24 and that has nothing to do with it, except that her motivations are just as valid as Leona’s or Reese’s or Charlie’s, and why should she give a fuck about any of this?

In the same way that Leona only looks like a saint in comparison to Reese, Reese only looks like a saint in comparison to Blair and Randy. “I’m Blair. He’s Randy.” “That was bound to happen.” God, I’m going to miss Charlie the most.

Maggie, at work, is turning into a great thing. Maggie making decisions, on her own, about what’s right and really coming into her own. I think her new boyfriend looks like somebody turned a rat into a person, and I keep calling him Wormtail, but I like that she’s just like, “Come and GET IT, motherfucker, because I ain’t getting any younger over here.”

Don and Sloan continue to be the cutest thing on four legs.

Rebecca Halliday is my homegirl. “Here are all the ways you’re fucked.” “So we’re fucked.” “I didn’t say I wouldn’t try to stop it.”