The Mook Mafia?

Mooks of Bloomsbury

The word mook always makes me think of my late friend Ashley Morris. It was one of his favorite perjorative terms. Dr. A even took the picture above in London in 2007 as an hommage to Perfesser Morris who was still very much alive and hollering.

The Mook in question is Democratic operative Robby Mook who is apparently angling to run Hillary’s 2016 campaign. The Mafia in question is a group of people centering around Mook. The Mook Mafia in question is an email listserv he runs to keep in touch with colleagues. You’re probably wondering where this questionable post is going: a Mook rival leaked information to ABC News about the listserv in the hopes of knifing him.

ABC political director Rick Klein wrote a breathless story about the leaked gossip, which is much ado about nothing. That has long been the style at his news organization: one of his best-known predecessors was the dread Mark Halperin, now peddling process stories and gossip at Bloomberg Politics.

The contents of the leaked emails are nothing extraordinary but Klein breathlessly reported that they drop F-bombs as if that should shock anyone. There’s also a very mild joke at Bill Clinton’s expense in an email by Mook’s sidekick Nolan Marshall who’s currently on the White House staff:

“The Mafia has finally built a bridge to the 21st century,” Bill Clinton is jokingly quoted as having said in an email that appears to have been written by Marshall. “This is even more exciting than walking through the back of the Bellagio.”

I realize that the Big Dog is famously thin-skinned but this ain’t shit compared to the stuff that’s been thrown at him over the years. When I heard there was a Bill joke, I expected it to be about blow jobs or cigars used as dildos, not this snoozer.

I posted about this boring leak because it’s indicative of how the inside the beltway folks think. If this is their idea of gripping gossip, I’ve got a bridge to sell them and it’s not to the 21st Century. I would think that the fact that Mook is prone to saying things like FUCK REPUBLICANS should help him get the job. Backstage intrigue ain’t what it used to be, obviously.

I fibbed in the paragraph above. I only posted about this because I like the sound of Mook Mafia and the story conjured up fond memories of Herr Professor Morris. I rarely use the word mook because it makes me think of one of my favorite cult baseball players, Mookie Wilson: