Stupid Even For Twitter

I mentioned earlier this morning how frustrated and annoyed I’ve become with the Tweeter Tube’s culture of instant outrage.  This flap takes the biscuit as the silliest one I’ve ever seen:

That’s right, ladies and germs, it’s racist to make a pun on the name Juan. Members of the pun community are running for cover. I myself am feeling pale and wan in the wake of this revelation. I may even have to swear off won-ton soup jokes, which makes me feel all hot and sour…

The company in question decided it was easier to delete the tweet and apologize, which was the wise thing for a business to do. I would hope, however, they’d ignore the loonier suggestions of firing people and banning puns. While I prefer smoke free joints, I draw the line at pub pun bans.

There are so many valid claims of bigotry and racism in the world that specious ones such as this drive me up the fucking wall. It turns out that there’s a “racist” Mexican restaurant in Austin whose name is Juan In A Million. It’s owned by a man named Juan Meza. Guess that makes him a self-loathing Chicano. The slacktivists are planning to do absolutely nada about this. At least I hope not, the mere thought makes me nada off.

It turns out that we own a “racist” coffee mug designed by world class punster Sandra Boynton:


It’s time for the American pun community to circle the wagons and fight against this tiresome Twitter tyranny. We should not take this pun persecution lying down; it’s not punny any more. Actually, I just put the lie in lying down. The pun community is resilient, so we’ll just get over it and move on:

3 thoughts on “Stupid Even For Twitter

  1. I look at these Twitter clusterfucks and think if it’s that obvious that this is ill-advised, how does an entire marketing department and/or corporate office not realize this is a bad idea and just don’t fuckin’ do it?

    I get offended not by the racism here but by how easy it would have been to avoid. It’s easy for me to say, though, being a white girl.


    1. I had no idea what a big chain that was. It was an unforced error on their part but I remain committed to puns involving the name Juan.

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