Everybody Stand Down: The Newsroom Thread


Spoilers within. Mostly about the filthy things I would let that woman do to me.

Quick takes: FUCK YEAH GARY. “It’s called arrest me or go fuck yourself.” Damn right. And “Anything Goes” is one of my favorite songs. I’m a dork for the oldies.

The more I see of Maggie on her own the less I want her and Jim to resolve their bullshit, because if he does anything but make her worse, I haven’t yet seen it. Also he seems to make Hallie worse, as she was doing okay without him, and now he’s just hectoring her about nonsense and being an asshole.  I liked him better when he was running into doors.

Fraternization rules, God. Reporters are not fit company for anyone but other reporters. Our brains work differently, we are sociopathic weirdos, and it’s just better if we don’t subject people who don’t understand us to our behavior because it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. I’m a big fan of the office romance, because who else could have stood me? When I’m on a story I’m a terrible human being.

Shallow moment: Jenna the Sorority Girl is STUNNING.

I love the idea of Leona selling her yacht and her painting, but can we talk about her jewelry too? Rip that necklace off her, you could buy Barbados.

Mack’s chess metaphor. So awesome. Mack’s new hair? Not so much.

Tess Westin’s dress? Oh my.

Lucas Pruit, once upon a time, would have been Calvin Trager. I wish Sorkin still had that kind of faith. I wish I did too.

So here’s my question for the assembled masses:

Why NOT report on how you’re being screwed over by the government?

I mean it, why not? Report on how you’re being jerked around. Report the times somebody lied to you. Report when somebody promised to talk to you and didn’t. Report it all, because promises of access are just promises, and anyway without you they’re nothing.

(This is my new favorite Tumblr, by the way.)

Report it when they take your computers, when they shut off your electricity, when they slap their dicks on the table and jaw about national security, because what do you have to lose? That’s what I don’t understand about our current, craven press corps: They are going to fuck you over anyway, and they are going to come back to you, anyway, so what are you so afraid of?