4 thoughts on “Missouri Goddamn

  1. The longer McCulloch went on, the more I found myself saying, “That’s a tryable issue of fact. And THAT’s a tryable issue of fact. And THOSE are tryable issues of fact …”

  2. I was astounded that the prosecutor said twelve shots were fired. There was no evidence that the officer received any return fire, or that Brown was armed. That fact alone deserved charges. Brown retreated over 140 feet from the officer (that’s the actual distance between the cruiser and where his body finally fell), and yet, there was a presumption that Wilson was entitled to feel in fear of his life.

    Yeah, right.

  3. As I live in MO, I really don’t understand the gov not naming a special prosecutor. Besides the obvious hot emotions, the usually close working relationship between prosecutor and police is an issue. Then for this case he change the usual procedure of prosecutor presenting just the evidence to the grand jury to get an indictment to presenting all evidence pro and con.

    And as another news agency asked, why did they wait till it was dark to announce the result – crowd control is easier if you can see the people.

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