Double Bill Cassidy

I’ve finally learned something interesting about Mary Landrieu’s dull and robotic challenger, Dr. Bill Cassidy. He’s been billing LSU Health Sciences Center for time when he was “working” on Capitol Hill. This is not allowed by LSU’s own rules and is being done at an institution where nobody has gotten a raise in 7 or 8 years. This is clearly unethical and may well be payroll fraud. It’s a familiar story: a Goper campaigns against one big guvmint teat whilst suckling on another one. This development is unlikely to change the outcome of Saturday’s election but it’s making the last week pretty darn interesting.

The story was broken by two old friends of mine, Jason Berry of American Zombie, and Lamar White Jr. of CenLamar. Jason isn’t even particularly fond of Senator Landrieu but as the world’s only investigative zombie he was on this like white on rice.

Here’s a link to Jason’s original post, Paging Dr Cassidy. 

And here’s a link to Lamar’s original post, Double Bill Cassidy: For Years Bill Cassidy Billed LSU While Working In Congress.

The MSM has picked up the story and obtained some unconvincing and contradictory comments from the Cassidy camp. He’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar but his strategy is hunker down and run the clock out on the campaign. This story, however, has legs and is bound to plague him if he’s elected. We’re not sure what he will be elected to do other than oppose the President and obey his masters, David Vitter and the Koch Brothers.

Preternaturally dim Vestigial-Picayune columnist James Varney has stuck up for the Cassidybot but who’s going to listen to a bozo who shares a name with this guy:


Now that I think of it, Jim Varney’s character, Ernest P. Worrell, was much smarter than the Picayune dude.  At least he was in on the joke as opposed to clueless. Know what I mean?

It will be interesting to watch this play out. I wonder if Double Bill Cassidybot will do a remake of this Ernest classic:


4 thoughts on “Double Bill Cassidy

  1. My guess is that this unfortunately doesn’t change anything at all. Earlier this year I thought Landrieu could tough it out against a non-entity like Bill Cassidy, but I underestimated the sheer white hot hatred (emphasis on white) too many Gret Stet’ers hold towards the Kenyan Usurper…and no amount of distancing by Landrieu seems to have any effect.

    Hell, Vitter literally got caught with his pants down/diaper exposed…but that didn’t keep him from getting re-elected. And now he’s in prime position to close his political career with four, or worse, eight years in the Mansion.

    Of course, if the shoe was on the other foot…like with the airplane reimbursements…well…I can’t even imagine the volume the noise machine would generate. But a quick look at Loosiana media…nope…nothing…even the BR rag hides the story under a Landrieu accuses/politics headline.


  2. They’ve even got the timesheets!!!!! May I suggest that as some of these are medical services, that the investigation be widened into insurance fraud including medicare / caid fraud. He might even be able to serve on his own investigative panel.

    And easy snipe – it appears he is a House repub. With all the days the house has taken off, etc. etc. isn’t it a stretch to say he was “working” ?

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