Album Cover Art Wednesday: Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake

It’s time for another wee tribute to the late Ian McLagan and his marvelous band, Small Faces. They were a short-lived but very influential combo that gave us two of the best live bands of the 1970’s: The Faces and Humble Pie with Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton. It’s an impressive family tree that also includes the Rolling Stones, the Jeff Beck Group, and The Who.

Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake was the band’s 1968 concept album. It was either obligatory or mandatory for a Sixties band to do one, and it’s a good one.  The original packaging was amazing:

The album was originally released on vinyl in a circular novelty package of a metal replica of a giant tobacco tin, inside which was a poster created with 5 connected paper circles with pictures of the band members. This proved too expensive and was quickly followed by a paper/card replica with a gatefold cover. Two limited-edition CD releases (including a three-disc deluxe edition in 2006 that included the original mono mix of the album on CD for the first time) went even further by packaging the disc(s) in a circular tin (as the original vinyl release had). Most CD releases use conventional packaging, superimposing the circular artwork on a square booklet.

The award-winning artwork for the album cover was done by Nick Tweddell and Pete Brown, who were art school friends of Ian McLagan and who had also played in a band with Ian called The Muleskinners.

The tobacco tin and LP title were inspired by a Liverpudlian tobacco brand. I could have said Liverpool based, but I love saying Liverpudlian. Without further adieu, here’s the cover:



Here’s the a picture of the band live on the Beeb. From left to right: Ian McLagan, Ronnie Laine, Steve Marriott and, the last surviving member, Kenney Jones lurking on the drums.

small faces live

Finally, here’s the whole damn album on the YouTube. It’s a vinyl version complete with pops and the odd hiss, which reminds me why I prefer CDs; except for the cover art: