Which One Is The Horse’s Ass?


That’s obviously a rhetorical question. It’s the two legged one on the right:

“I just wanna send a message saying, you know, how far are we gonna take this thing?” Reverend Edward James told local station WJTV.

The reverend’s game of dress-up came after a federal judge overturned Mississippi’s gay marriage ban in late November. He told the local station that he hopes he and his horse, Charlotte, make an impression before the federal court of appeals hears arguments on Jan. 9.

“I’ve had 100-percent support so far, thumbs up, tooting on the horns, I’ve even had a couple come out and give me a hug and hug the horse,” James said to WJTV.

The station spoke to local LGBT advocate Eddie Outlaw, who shrugged off the pastor’s gesture.

“I thought it was laughable and I believe he was going for a ridiculous protest and he certainly got one,” he said.

A friend of mine suggested an alternate title for this post: Mississippi preacher says “neigh” to gay marriage. I quite like it, as well as this comment by our very own Tommy T, “Is the horse a mare? ’cause if it’s a stallion, that would be sick.”

Okay, I’m finished horsing around. The only thing more ridiculous than this protest would be posting a Tull song from the tour they wore jump suits. That’s why I’m gonna do it. Tommy would approve. Btw, Ian was in white. Does that make him the bride Rev. James?



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