The Past Isn’t Even Past

Fuck Jeb and his entire family sideways with a rake: 

“I won’t talk about the past,” Bush said on Friday when a reporter asked him about an upcoming foreign policy speech in Chicago, according to Bloomberg Politics. “I’ll talk about the future. If I’m in the process of considering the possibility of running, it’s not about re-litigating anything in the past. It’s about trying to create a set of ideas and principles that will help us move forward.”

The past. Because nobody died today.  Nobody will die tomorrow. It’s the past.

You sick bastard. The bombs and guns and bullets your brother sent over there are still killing people every single day. The soldiers who come home are still dying, years later, some by inches and some by their own hands. And the politics you people poisoned are still burning through this country’s veins, and the way I know that is that you are showing your face in public and no one is throwing rotten fruit.

The past. How nice it must be to be able to shrug it off like that. How nice it must be to wake up free of nightmares, with all your limbs attached. How nice it must be to sleep beside your wife and children, all of whom are alive, beneath a roof without holes in it, in a house with running water, without fear of being fucking BEHEADED by the monsters your actions loosed. It’s the past, for you. How nice. How peaceful. How normal.

How convenient, you fucking horror show. How easy. How small. How mean.



9 thoughts on “The Past Isn’t Even Past

  1. I would have just said he’s an asshole.I don’t see him making it through the primaries. I know when I look at him, I see his smirking mother. I hear her privileged comments about the folks who fled New Orleans. I see his idiot brother and the same smug smirk as he drove the country’s car down the road, drunk on his power, and smashed it all to hell. I can’t be the only one.

  2. Iceblue2, you are most assuredly NOT the only one. But, still, nobody’s throwing rotten fruit.

  3. Jeb, when people run for president, the press decides what they will and will not talk about. The more you say no, the more insistently they’ll ask. Stop kidding yourself.

  4. He doesn’t let it upset his beautiful mind.

    Disgusting family that needs to get the Mussolini treatment, every last one of them.

  5. I’m sure Jeb was fully supportive of his brother’s actions, and I think it’s absolutely fair to ask him whether he supported them. Because that indicates what his values and policies and judgement are. And keep asking if he tries to duck the question. But I also think we need to be fair and recognize that they were his brother’s decisions, not his. He’s not accountable for them–but he is accountable for what he thinks of them, and why.

  6. He *was* fully supportive of his brother’s actions. I watched a clip where he said exactly that. He’s just trying to distance himself now. He’s an assclown just like his brother.

    “I’m the only Republican that was in office when he was in office as president that never disagreed with him. … It’s just, till death do us part.’” – JEB 2010 interview with CNN

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