Odds & Sods: Reading List Edition

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I’m still slowly emerging from the Carnival bubble. I started catching up with my reading today and two articles leapt out and smacked me in the face. Kapow.

All You Need Is Rudy: Mayor 9/11’s abominable comments about President Obama have gotten a lot of attention this week. GOPers have been going there for years, but rarely one who is allegedly a “moderate.” Cough, snort, cough.

Rudy’s comments have even become an issue in the emerging 2016 Republican Campaign. Thus far, they’re all afraid to disagree with him because they’re scared shitless of their base. No shocker.

Anyway, the article is by long time New York reporter, Wayne Bartlett, who enumerates the ways in which Mayor 9/11 “loves” his country and the people in his life. Hint: he’s a terrible husband and a chickenhawk.  The article is entitled What Rudy Giuliani Knows About Love. Pity it’s too late for Valentine’s Day. It makes me wonder if Rudy has even read about love:

Bill-O’s Brian Williams Problem: It looks as if Fox’s big macher has been making shit up about his years as a “war correspondent.” At first blush, it looks worse than Williams’ embellishment: Bill-O flat out made shit up. Of course, Fox News is based on making shit up so Bill-O isn’t likely to get his worthless ass suspended but I can dream. Sorry if I overused the phrase making shit up but nothing else seemed fitting. Bill-O is so full of shit that flies follow him around…

The article is by the estimable David Corn and his colleague Daniel Schulman. The title mentions a certain suspended NBC anchorman. I’m sure Bill-O will be calling them pinheaded pinkos for the foreseeable future. David Corn has already posted a follow-up article with the thrilling title, These Are Questions Bill O’Reilly Won’t Answer. Longtime Bill-O nemesis, Keith Olbermann, had a bit of fun with this on the tweeter tube:

I haven’t posted a tune from Odds & Sods at the end of this feature for quite some time. This Holland-Dozier-Holland classic seemed appropriate:




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