Throwing Shade


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid may be bruised and battered but he knows how to throw shade while wearing shades. It’s what our current Congressional politics have boiled down to since the Republicans took control of both houses. Remember all the naifs who proclaimed that the GOPers would have to compromise and get shit done once they were in the majority? I guess none of them have been paying attention since 2009; either that or their crystal balls are cloudier than the sky in New Orleans today.

The latest wingnut shade is being thrown on two fronts; both of which illustrate the extent to which the Republican party has gone batshit crazy and both kinda sorta involve immigration and the administration’s “lawlessness.”

First, the GOPers are threatening to defund the Homeland Security Department if the President doesn’t make nice with them and cave on his executive orders on immigration. This is beyond bonkers: Dubya and chickenhawks in both parties pushed for this department after the event Rudy cannot stop talking about. It was a CYA move for the Bushies after they ignored warnings that a big attack was coming. For Congressional neo-cons such as Holy Joe Lieberman and Senator Walnuts, it was an exercise in dick waving and measuring. It’s a pity that Don Lemon wasn’t around to cover that, he knows from dickishness.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the war loving, border fence worshiping party wants to shut down Homeland Security when there are semi-plausible terrorist threats against shopping malls and other assorted targets that may or may not have Targets. Of course, if ISIL knew anything about Merica, they’d have made the threat during the holiday season and given Bill-O confirmation of the so-called war on Christmas. So much for protecting the “homeland.”  (A phrase that’s too Teutonic for my taste but that debate’s long over. ) Way to go, Congressional wingnuts, you’re contradicting yourselves again.

Speaking of nutty contradictions, Republicans are trying to shut down the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General. This one is even funnier than the DHS shutdown threat because right wing bete noir, Eric Holder has averred that he’s staying in office until his replacement is confirmed. They cannot even put their hatred of President Obama’s “lawlessness” on Holder long enough to get rid of the *other* black man they love to hate. It’s an excellent example of ideological purity run amuck. It reminds me of the Daffy Duck toon Duck Amuck with Tailgunner Ted as Daffy.

Let’s move from Congressional shade throwing to some sensational shade thrown by former CBS newsman Eric Enberg at the gas-filled windbag who lies on a nightly basis on Fox News. You know who, the man we call Bill-O, the human hot air balloon:

Eric Engberg, a CBS correspondent who was also in Buenos Aires at the time, defended Corn in a Facebook post on Friday and said, “It was not a war zone or even close. It was an ‘expense account zone.'”

Ouch. It’s a pity that Bill-O’s blues won’t lead to his ouster or even suspension but it’s been great hearing some teevee news vets calling him out for what he is: a lying sack of shit. Make that chicken shit.  Of course, Fox News is the world’s largest sack of shit so that reporter threatening, loofa wielding malaka Bill-O will stay on the air. I guess one could say that he’s been David Cornholed…

Back to Harry Reid, I like the new look. It makes him the Jack Nicholson of the Senate. Jack, of course, wears shades indoors for different reasons than Leader Reid. But I’ve never compared Harry to Jack before so he’s almost as cool as the coolest septuagenarian in the country. Eat your heart out, Joe Biden.



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  1. I saw online today where someone called Bill O’Reilly a “smudge.” I just thought of it as a perfect description. An annoying spot of dirt of very little consequence.

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