Odds & Sods: March Reading List

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The Idea of March have come and gone without my being stabbed in the back, so I figured I should celebrate by suggesting some articles. It’s a good thing I don’t know anyone named Brutus although my late mother had a crazy, rather incontinent dog by that name. He never stabbed me in the back. He did, however, pee on my copy of Tupelo Honey. I guess he wanted to be named Ocatavian…

The Israeli Election: TPM’s Josh Marshall has been blogging the hell out of it so y’all should check out the editor’s blog at his joint. My favorite recent post on the subject was one about a forgotten Labor Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol, and why Isaac Herzog wants to be like him. It amounts to a pledge for less drama to an electorate worn out by Bibi the actor. I’d call him a ham but it wouldn’t be kosher…

Speaking of the annoying Mr. Netanyahu, Haaretz has an excellent thumbsucker (think piece, A’s not the only one who knows newspaper slang) about why Bibi and Likud may lose the election.

American Political Scandals 101: Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg try to put the stupid, petty, and downright ridiculous media controversy about Hillary’s emails in historical context.  Btw, the authors are LSU profs. Hopefully, Governor PBJ won’t shitcan them for writing above the 4th grade level.

School Daze: Anyone remember Spike Lee’s 1988 film about African-American frats and such? It was pretty good, actually, even if it goes down as a lesser joint.

Anyway, I’m not the only NOLA blogger who has been ransacking his archives. Jason Berry aka Damabala was inspired by the Okie racist frat flap to pull out a 2010 post about then Mayoral candidate John Georges and his bratty, fratty days. Georges is currently the owner of the New Orleans Advocate but he’s still a DKE at heart. Jason’s post is called, quite appropriately, The Specter Of Jim Crow Still Haunts The South’s Fraternity Row.

The Original New Orleans Diva: Let’s close on a lighter note. My twitter friend and fellow San Francisco Giants fan April Siese has written a superb profile of the late, great Adelaide Brennan. So, make yourself a cocktail and read about a true New Orleans original.

Class dismissed, but not before I circle back to Tupelo Honey: