Politico’s Jalopy Goes .185

Their story about the Secret Service agents getting hammered and crashing their car into the White House was complete bullshit, but you won’t hear that from them: 

On Tuesday, a source who watched surveillance video of the incident told The Huffington Post that the agents’ car was moving at only 1 to 2 mph and appeared to deliberately nudge a traffic barrel in order to pass through the White House complex. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy confirmed the source’s account Thursday, telling lawmakers there was “no crash” evident in the video. At this point, there is also no evidence the agents were drunk.

Ambinder wrote Friday that Politico Magazine stands by his original piece “and doesn’t think an apology is necessary — but I think I was wrong.”

In an email to HuffPost, Ambinder referred questions about why the follow-up didn’t run in Politico Magazine to that publication’s editors.

Politico Magazine editor Garrett Graff told HuffPost he could not discuss conversations with individual writers. In an email, Graff pointed out that Ambinder’s original story for Politico now includes a clarification noting that subsequent accounts described the incident as being “milder” than originally reported.

Oh, a clarification! Let’s see what it was:

Further reporting has questioned whether this March 4 incident was as serious as various news organizations originally reported as well as what role alcohol may have played in the incident.

Further reporting has questioned. All on its own. Various news organizations reported — hey, lots of people said it was a fiery explosion fueled by Buttershots! How could we have known?

But we don’t even know if alcohol had anything to do with the argument at the scene. We don’t know if the agents, being off-duty, created friction by appearing on-scene during a tense moment. We don’t know whether the agents tried to pull rank, asserting their right to bypass the temporary barricades because of their role. We don’t know if the agents were even drunk, a point that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), an agency critic, made to CNN Tuesday.

It would, however, have been irresponsible not to have speculated LIKE HELL.


2 thoughts on “Politico’s Jalopy Goes .185

  1. It pisses me off when I realize now how easy it would have been to become a “journalist”. I mean, I know how to make shit up and I can identify a whole lot of stuff “we” don’t know!
    (Of course, I know my pique hardly compares to those who DID become a real journalist.)

    I may be wrong, but I don’t owe an apology…

    Looky there, I’ve learned it already!

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