It’s April Fool’s Day Every Day

I used to love April Fool’s Day. I was involved in some very elaborate pranks on the Tongue In The Mail music mailing list aka the Hair-n-Pants list aka the Crowded House list. One year we scared the hell out of the humorless on the list and another year we came up with a fake tabloid, CH Confidential. I was the cranky advice columnist of Ask Pineapple Head fame.

That was a long winded way (nothing new there) of saying  that April Fool’s Day has lost its allure for me. There’s so much wacky-n-zany misinformation out there on the internet that hoaxing people seems trite. I suppose I could fool some people on the Tweeter Tube, but where’s the fun in that? I like challenges and pulling the wool over the eyes of the twitteratti sheep isn’t exactly challenging.

Then there’s the dread Wingnut Factor. They make up outrageous shit every day. For folks like Louis Gomert Piles, Michelle Bachmann,  Rush Limbaugh, and Willard Mittbot Romney, every day is April Fool’s Day. In fact, just yesterday Tucker The Bow Tie Wearing Motherfucker Carlson compared opponents of the Indiana “religious freedom” act to jihadis. That’s right, we’re beheading, sharia law obeying radicals. How can any April’s Day prank top that?

There is, however, a good April Fool’s Day gag today at the NOLA Gambit Tabloid blog about a Bywater hipster eatery so cool it doesn’t have a name. It was tested over the weekend on-where else?- the Tweeter Tube. Hmm, I wonder if n’eaux has been through the desert like a horse with no name or some such shit.

Circling back to my days as a fake advice columnist, you might ask yourself why I was called Pineapple Head? It’s a 1993 Neil Finn tune from Together Alone, that’s why:

So the next time you need advice, just remember that it’s April Fool’s Day every day.

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