Friday Ferretblogging: You’ve Got Ferrets!

Ferrets are pests in New Zealand, but now when one of them wanders into a trap, it will TEXT YOU that you’ve caught something: 

He hoped to reduce the cost of pest control in Hawke’s Bay by 50-80 per cent, using a unique wireless networking of traps.

In the new system, when pests are caught, a signal will be triggered which alerts pest-control operators via text message.

“If you say to a farmer, there are 100 traps on your farm and you need to go around them each month to clear and check them – that’s a significant commitment for a farmer who has their own business to run.

“But if you have 100 traps with long-life lures, such as scent-impregnated oil, that are linked wirelessly, this sends a text message as to which of the three-five traps over that month that have gone off where and when, then that’s a much more manageable commitment.”

I would like this invention to text me every time Claire gets bored and destroys something, so I can tell her to get a job and start contributing around here.


7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: You’ve Got Ferrets!

  1. Damn pets never do any chores. My younger dog spends so much time bounding about on her hind legs I told her to run the vacuum then. Of course she wouldn’t. They also refused to pick up the bushels of hair they throw out, they could easily do that if they tried. The only chore the dogs are interested in is scooping the litter.

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