We Are Shocked that Americans Like Their Kenyan Muslim Socialist President

CNN thinks it is just remarkable, shocking, that people don’t think the president sucks: 

Economic factors can trump other issues and boost a President’s approval rating to stratospheric heights.

At this point in his presidency, Bill Clinton held a 60% approval rating following his impeachment trial over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, largely buoyed by a strong economy. George W. Bush posted a 36% approval rating in April 2007, buffeted by the war in Iraq despite mostly positive reviews of the economy.

And the spring of Ronald Reagan’s seventh year in office saw him earning a 48% approval rating from the public, a rating that was just beginning to recover from the Iran-Contra affair and didn’t get any boost from a tepid economic climate.

So it’s all about the economy as evidenced by Clinton, but Bush disproves that, and Reagan … kind of does? What the fuck are they smoking at CNN these days? The entire story reads as “we just can’t believe what people think. The economy is “remarkably” positive. Democrats think Obama is awesome, but hey, it’s just those Starbucks-swilling callow youths.