Jerk Summit: When Vitter Met Christie


The 2015 Gret Stet gubernatorial (goober to me) race has been a pretty dull affair thus far. The only action has involved everyone making like Del Shannon and running away from Governor PBJ. In the immortal words of my old pal and fellow NOLA blogger relic (there are very few of us still at it) Mr. Gloomy Pants: Everybody hates Bobby. PBJ’s Louisiana poll ratings have plunged into the mid to upper-twenty percent range. So much for being a viable Presidential candidate.

Speaking of unpopular Republican Governors with delusions of Presidential grandeur, Chris Christie  aka Gov. Asshole recently campaigned in Red Stick with our old pal Diaper Dave:

 Comparing himself to Christie at the brewery event, Vitter promised to be a no-nonsense leader who might rile some feathers.

“He’s not afraid to shake up the establishment and do what needs to be done,” Vitter said of Christie. “A lot needed to be done when he came into office in New Jersey, and he’s done it.”

“I’m proud to look to his leadership and example,” he added.

Vitter worked the room, shaking hands with every guest, which included several influential lawmakers who wrapped up work at the Capitol in time to attend. Some of the attendees were given the opportunity to have photos taken with Christie — photos that included Vitter and in front of a “Vitter for Governor” backdrop.

At least attendees could drown their sorrows with some suds after being yelled at by Vitter and Christie. I’d hate to have been a fly on the wall at a private meeting between those two jerks, they’d either whap you with a flyswatter or, more likely, nuke you with some Raid.

I’m uncertain as to whether the Tin Roof brewery is *supporting* Diaper Dave in his goober campaign, but the mere fact that the Jerk Summit was held there makes me less likely to drink their beer in the future. Politics and beer don’t always mix very well in my experience, especially when the likes of David Vitter is involved.

I love the idea of Bitter Vitter citing Gov. Asshole as a “mentor.” It’s a perfect acknowledgment of their shared malakatude, douchebaggery, and assholery. Vitter has never won a race because of his charm or wit, he’s won because a segment of the electorate thinks sons of bitches should run the world. Vitter embraced his jerkitude years ago and now he’s embraced Chris Christie. Heaven help the fool and the voters too.

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  1. You’re not missing anything with Tin Roof — tried it some time back, didn’t much like it. And now I’ve got an even better excuse to avoid buying the stuff.

    Just a bit downriver from the brewery is…a sewage treatment plant. Would’ve made a more appropriate venue.

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