I Wish It Would Rain

It’s been a bad week for my allergies: I’ve had a headache all week as well as red, puffy eyes. The pollen is almost as thick as the termite swarms we have at night this time of the year. Last night was the first time this year that I had to turn off the lights to fend off our Formosan “friends.”

This is a predictably long winded way of saying that I’m scaling back my blogging ambitions for this week. It’s hard to be funny when it feels as if there are tiny men with icepicks inside my head. I have, however, gotten fairly far along with my Saturday Odds & Sods post, complete this week with some swell Mad Men links. Look for it. I’m revisiting some old episodes this week as a “research” project. Who am I kidding? It’s for fun but it’s downright eerie seeing the Pegster’s original dowdy look and status as Don’s “girl.”

There is a caveat to this declaration: a good, hard rainfall that will wash the allegens away. I also wish it would rain in my home state of California. I lived through the last big drought, the first time Jerry Brown was Governor, but it wasn’t as bad as this one. This is all leading up to the obvious musical last word:

Here’s some lagniappe: the Don Draper of British rock, Bryan Ferry, belting out a Dylan classic:


2 thoughts on “I Wish It Would Rain

  1. The only thing that’s ever tamed my pollen allergy is fluticasone. But you’ve probably already tried that.

    Anyway, I commiserate, and I hope you’re breathing freely enough to post some B.B. King video on Sunday.

  2. LOCAL HONEY!!!! i have used it for years. i was a little lazy this winter, so i have been taking at least a spoon of it daily. best to use it in winter, but it starts working pretty quick. I NO LONGER NEED any puedo shit. tho it does not work on the headaches. store honey not good enough. need WILDFLOWER from your state. it worked a little while when i visited texas in spring. wildflower works best.

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