Stephanie Grace On Bobby Jindal’s Fall From Grace

I’ve been following Bobby Jindal since the beginning and like to pass myself off as an expert on his currently imploding career. Gov PBJ continues to believe that this phase is the end of the beginning when it’s clearly the beginning of the end. The one thing that PBJ shares with the household God of his party, Ronald Reagan, is the capacity to believe in his own rhetoric. Unfortunately, for Jindal he lacks Reagan’s legendary communications skills and, as I have pointed out repeatedly over the years, the only time he faced a tough opponent, he lost. In California, Reagan took out two-term Democratic Governor Pat Brown, the man who beat Tricky Dick. You all know what happened when he hit the national stage. Unlike Reagan, Jindal’s career has peaked and is going downhill rapidly.

That was a long-winded way to link to a piece by my friend Advocate columnist  Stephanie Grace who is a bona fide Jindal expert. I was delighted to find an extended piece by her at Salon this morning, How Bobby Jindal lost everything: A one-time GOP hope, gutted by Grover Norquist worship and his own ambition. That’s quite a mouthful but not the original title. It was first published last Friday by the Washington Spectator as Bobby Jindal and Grover Norquist Wreck Louisiana. That one is merely dramatic as opposed to the melodrama of the Salon headline. Salon is getting a bit too BuzzFeed-like for its own good, at least as far as this longtime reader is concerned.

Enough of this nonsense, check out Stephanie’s piece, which I would have called, PBJ: Dead Candidate Walking.

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